Over the last few decades, significant effort has been expended to develop internal combustion and turbine engines that will burn either natural gas or other alternative fuels.

This combined interest springs from three strategic issues: the dwindling availability of fossil fuels, their price volatility and the drive by the environmental movement to reduce emissions. Significant research has gone into natural gas exploration and other alternative fuels process development. According to a recent report by the the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), over the next 20 years US energy demands are predicted to increase by 62% for natural gas, 33% for oil and 45% for electricity. Regarding fossil fuels (oil, in particular) whether or not one subscribes to the Peak Oil Theory that suggests oil production has peaked and begun to decline, the threat of sharp reductions in the supply of oil from global or regional conflict is real. All indications are that the demand and therefore the price of oil will continue its longterm climb. The current recession has lowered usage of diesel and gasoline in the US (25% of global demand), thus temporarily lowering the price at the pump but the forecast is strongly higher over the next 24 months as nations continue to recover.

This situation/crisis has generated serious study and activity for the creation and adoption of alternative fuels in industry and transportation. There are more than a dozen alternative and advanced fuels, as defined by the Energy Policy Act of 1992, in production or use today. Although government-regulated and voluntary private fleets are the primary users of these fuels, industrial production and consumers are showing a growing interest in them. Use of these fuels is critical to reducing dependence on foreign oil and improving air quality.

Herein lies the DyneGen opportunity – Offer a clean-running, high-performance engine that can run on multiple alternative fuels. Extensive market research has led to the choosing of the three most promising alternate energy camps, all with a strong, market-driven focus:, natural gas, ammonia and hydrogen – "The Fuels of the Future".


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