Alternative energy and fuel sources are being explored for mainstream use with greater urgency than at any other time in history.

DyneGen has identified three primary alternate energy camps, all vying as fuels of the future: Natural Gas, NH3 – Anhydrous Ammonia and H2 - Hydrogen (the leader among 'low BTU fuel' or 'LBTUF' alternatives). DyneGen's research suggests that the 'winner' of this race will likely be a combination of several alternative fuels rather than just one clear and dominant player.

It is with this perspective that DyneGen, Inc. brings together new, market-disruptive technologies and capabilities to design and manufacture the first large-displacement spark-ignited multi-fuel engines that can lower CO2 by 30% initially and 100% over time and are able to run on natural gas, NH3, or H2. DyneGen's engines offer significant improvements in energy utilization and reliability. Energy efficiency improvements are initially expected to be on the order of 15-20% and eventually achieve as much as 40-50%. DyneGen offers a remarkable difference to the marketplace by presenting engines that are capable of running any of the three leading alternative fuels of the future with four points of differentiation through its superior technology:

Heritage: A high-performance racing engine manufacturing and design background instead of traditional industrial engine development. This leads to material and design advantages.

Reliability: Proven dependability and longevity in the field (>200 million hrs) - tried and tested performance that can withstand the rigors of continuous 24/365 demand.

Performance: The remarkable ability to produce diesel power / performance while running on clean natural gas, a key factor in the drive for US energy independence.

Flexibility: The ability to run on multiple alternative fuels based on specific market and customer needs.

DyneGen offers the option of easy conversion between fuel choices, e.g., making the move from natural gas to anhydrous ammonia is as simple as throwing a switch. Use of other alternative fuels is also straight-forward, giving the targeted markets the opportunity to adapt to the most cost effective alternative fuel for a customer's particular application and circumstance.

With planned enhancements to reduce components and further increase efficiencies, DyneGen presents the Engine of the Future™...TODAY.


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